LCM was founded in 1952 by Lo Chan Moon and his wife, to cater to the high numbers of foreign plantation workers post WWII.

LCM is a family run retail and wholesale business located in the heart of Luganville town, Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. We sell groceries, fresh and frozen food, hardware, clothes, stationary, electronics, toys, and recreational goods. We cater to everyone from businesses to schools, charities, tourists and residents. Deliveries are free for bulk orders. We are your one-stop shop in Espiritu Santo.


Today we employ 58 people and are very active in the local community. We care deeply about Santo and its people. This is reflected in the many charities we're involved in, such as the Frangipani Society, Sanma Municipal Council Recycling Program, Milo Soccer team, Lukoutem Gud Vanuatu, Rotary Club and the annual Santo Fishing Competition.