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Our Story

LCM is a family run retail and wholesale business that has been operating for over 60 years. What started as a small shop front has grown to encompass a hardware store, duty-free outlet, an organic vanilla farm and a hospitality business. We are proud to support our local community through sustainable practices. Our ties to the community run deep and we have supported generations of families through employment and training.

  • 20,000+

    Products available

  • 60+

    Years of experience

  • 200+

    Team of experienced people

Our Store

  • For your convenience

    LCM is situated in the center of Luganville town, a strategically ideal location for local and tourists alike. We have a parking out the front of the store. Santo Hardware, Island Duty Free and Unity Park Motel are also located in town, a short walk away from LCM. This proximity allows LCM to provide premium service across all our affiliates.

  • Ship to all islands of Vanuatu

    We ship our goods to any part of Vanuatu. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to you. The packages are handled with utmost care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe and sound, just like you expect them to be.

  • The highest quality of products

    LCM supermarket stocks a vast array of products from Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, South East Asia and France. We are one of the few retail outlets in the country that stocks fresh imported fruits and vegetables. We are renowned for our hot food selection. Santo Hardware is the leading hardware retailer in Luganville. Our range is extensive, well priced and provides service second to none. Island Duty Free retails high electronics, solar equipment, computers and accessories, mobile phones, perfumes, watches and other brand name goods.

Our Core Values

  • Customer First

    We listen to our customers and strive to give them the best

  • Courtesy

    We value people of all backgrounds, race and gender
  • Constant Improvement

    Good enough never is
  • Cooperation

    We work together as one team
  • Community

    We take a leading role in our community

Our team

LCM employs over 200 people across the business. We have a handful of expat managers and the vast majority of our workforce are locals. We strongly believe in empowering our local employees to give them the skills to scale up in the company. Many of our employees have moved on to work in government, education and other private sectors. We are known for our strong vocation and training programs.

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    Store Supervisor with almost 20 years of experience. Best person to ask when you're looking for something or want some information about the products.

  • our_team_2.jpg


    Mega positive Cashier Supervisor. Always ready to help you and charm you with a smile.

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    Wholesale Supervisor. Contact her if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

  • Our


    Looking for frozen or chilled products? Our Cold Area Supervisor will give you a warm welcome!